Maintenance & Services

Facility Management

Having created the structure, it’s necessary to make it function properly.

CMB not only constructs, but its network of professionals provides and manages the services that guarantee the efficient functioning of the work constructed.

From building maintenance to systems maintenance, from IT assistance to bio-medical supplies, from catering to linen hire.

Project financing: growing together

CMB is one of the first Italian construction enterprises to experiment Project Financing: long-term agreements for the construction of large-scale real estate and the subsequent management of the services. It’s an approach that has permitted public authorities to reduce costs without neglecting innovation, quality and social value. With project financing, in fact, employment is generated and services are maintained at a high level for the benefit of everyone. Users’ needs are increasing and the management of services responds to efficiency criteria capable of providing rapid solutions. CMB offers services also outside of project financing in order to meet clients’ needs.

Steering committee

To make every solution prompt and precise in the provision of the services to the building and to people, CMB has created a “Steering committee” composed of professionals: a precise service coordination model. The client has a unique point of reference in the members of the steering committee. The provisions that direct the specialists in the various areas originate from here. It’s a joint effort that ensures rapid responses to requests.

The services offered

Thanks to a wide network of technicians and associates, CMB is able to respond to all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance needs: maintenance of buildings, systems and furnishings, IT assistance, call centre, catering, logistics, linen rental and industrial laundering, cleaning, guard house, biomedical supplies, sterilization, etc.
The contract models proposed provide for both an operating team, with fixed supervising staff on site, and a contact centre operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the provision of services also under the contact system.

A solution for every client

The Project and Services division draws up a personalized support program able to respond to every type of specific need: health care companies, management headquarters, shopping centres, public and private companies. Also in the case of significant restructurings and changes in intended use, the technicians, coordinating with the reference bodies, will follow the property in the implementation of the services.

“Safe by vocation” applied to services

The “Safe by vocation” project, to combat injuries at work, has been applied in the management of services since 2015. In this case the program has placed particular attention on the assessment and reduction of risks due to interferences of the maintenance and service activities with the ordinary activities of the people that live and use the structure.

“Dealing with services is like making the transatlantic function and managing to remain invisible”

Siriana Bertacchini
Head of Facility Management division

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