A health giant in Odense (Denmark) – Infographic

Odense Hospital Complex ODENSEDENMARK A health giant in Odense (Denmark) – Infographic The Odense Hospital Center is situated in an area the same size as the […]

Turin Ceres Connection Double Track Rail Tunnel

Turin-Ceres railway connection TurinITALY Turin-Ceres connection: double-track rail tunnel Discovering the new railway tunnel, with underground stop and surface works. Back to the Project Back to […]

San Gerardo Hospital

San Gerardo Hospital MONZAITALY More space and comfort for patients Monza’s hospital gains innew surface area and extends its expected lifespan with the renovation of the […]

Odense Hospital Complex

Odense Hospital Complex ODENSEDENMARK Odense Hospital: high building standards for a large-scale project The Odense Hospital center is a structure built with high qualitative and technological […]

Hospital and Health City

Hospital and Health City PORDENONEITALY The hospital as a place of health and sustainability The new Pordenone hospital is a structure designed for energy saving, and […]

Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento Hospitals

Borgo Roma and Borgo Trento Hospitals VERONAITALY Integrating new and old structures in Verona Integrating new structures with what already exists and which continues to function […]

Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital

Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital MilanITALY Niguarda: efficiency is also a question of space In 2006 work began on the Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital in Milan, with […]

Altovicentino hospital

Altovicentino hospital THIENEITALY Greenery and design for creating beauty for sick people at Thiene-Schio The idea of a green space which can be a comfort to […]

Sant’Anna Hospital

Sant’Anna Hospital FERRARAITALY A step ahead for healthcare in Ferrara The New Hospital in Cona has a modern, functional structure: a large entrance hall with the […]