CMB Sede Nazioni Unite un Palace Ginevra Geneve CH CMB renovates the historic building in Geneva United Nations Building CMB builds healthcare in Denmark EXPLORE THE PROJECT Odense Hospital Complex CMB Torre Libeskind Milano IT A new skyscraper in the CityLife district in Milan EXPLORE THE PROJECT Libeskind Tower CMB Viadotto Autostrada A3 Highway Viaduct The motorway of the Mediterranean, built on solid principles of legality EXPLORE THE PROJECT Heading south CMB Ospedale Borgo Trento Verona Hospital Italy Two state-of-the-art hospitals for Verona EXPLORE THE PROJECT Complex of excellence
CMB Restauri Restoration Teatro Galli Theatre Rimini After the restoration, Rimini is even more beautiful EXPLORE THE PROJECT Galli Theatre

Complete maintenance

In the Unipol tower, comprehensive, round-the-clock maintenance ensures that all the spaces and equipment are in full working order at all times.

People, projects, values

The skills and expertise, values and backgrounds of people who build a piece of tomorrow every day.


All CMB’s works are spaces pulsating with life, where people meet, pass and work. They are places of modernity.

Building Information Modeling (BIM): advantages and performance

In 2013, CMB activated the Building Information Modeling (BIM) procedures for construction. In July 2019, the cooperative was the first Italian construction company to certify its BIM management system with ICMQ. BIM translates into advantages for the entire construction process: the reduction of errors in planning, in coordination: the poor use of materials and in the non-coordinated production on the construction site. Therefore BIM procedures allow virtual simulation of the construction in the period prior to actual construction (4D) and the possibility of increasing the margins of certainty relative to material quantities and supply (5D) ).

CMB in Europe: two hospital projects in Denmark

A hallmark of excellence even beyond the national borders. The experience of CMB in the construction of cutting-edge hospital facilities is also making its mark outside Italy. In Denmark, the company has been awarded the contract for the construction of the hospital facility in Odense, for a total project value of around 390 million Euros, as well as the extension and reconstruction of the university hospital complex in the city of Koge. BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) will be used for both projects.f Koge. BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) will be used for both projects.

The new Tramway Line 3.1 in Florence

With Line 3.1, a 4.5 km tram line with 11 stops, CMB worked on one of the most delicate junctions in the city’s traffic system. The tram line touches on the Fortezza da Basso, where two important vehicle underpasses were planned, and the work was carried out reducing the inconvenience to locals and visitors to a minimum. While the work was in progress, the company provided the Municipality of Florence with details on each stage, as well as coordinating the subcontractors and mobility stakeholders.

Safe by Vocation

CMB’s own method and procedures for building site safety

House organ InCorso 57 building innovation

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